Jonathan Felipe
Yo! Jonathan at Lac Blanc, Chamonix

From an explorer — to explorers 🤘🏼

Peakseekers was born out of a passion of its developer (Jonathan Felipe) for mountains and technology. The initial idea was to develop an application for studies, but little by little, new motivations were emerging, aiming to be a platform for users to tell stories about their achievements in mountains. No focus on likes and followers, but with the desire to inspire new people to have more contact with the nature that surrounds us.

Peakseekers's mission is to be one of the friendliest platforms possible for us explorers, seeking to have as much information about mountains as possible. From the most passionate people to the good storytellers, from the weekend hiker to the professional mountaineer, everyone is welcome.

Is Peakseekers just another social network?

Yes and no. In addition to the focus on explorers described above, we respect privacy as one of our pillars, seeking to get as close as possible to an "ideal social network", in the mind of its developer. No targeted advertising, no behavioral manipulation and no abusive marketing.

Engagement algorithms

The algorithms used on our platform are not focused on engagement through metrics like likes and followers. This can make you stay for a short time on our platform, it is true. However, our focus is on an platform for sharing stories that inspire people. Just that.

Last, if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say "hi", do not hesitate to contact us at hi@peakseekers.app